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Manipal University, Jaipur, has been renowned for its vast array of fests held throughout the year. Amongst the many cultural events and participatory endeavours, what stands out, especially in the radically changing environment and society today, is an event that counts for a greater good. The Blood Donation Camp is an event one of its kind, on this scale. It is, perhaps, the largest annual blood donation camp with the highest number of donors throughout the zonal Rotary clubs.

A highly efficient team of students, faculty and staff members support and collaborate to make this event a benchmark that has been surpassing the last year’s count consecutively. We are proud to be inviting a number of hospitals this year as well, from all across Jaipur.

The event is not only a satisfactory one day stretch that ends with unwinding beds and desks, but has after effects that help not one but many and that is the bottom line which matters the most. The event is, indeed, distinctive and we extend an opportunity towards you to be a part of this activity that is vital to the people from one and all backgrounds in very many ways.

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